Forgetting the Nature…

Nature by myself.


I’m not a blogger of any kind but when disappointment builds in your mind, we need a space to rely on. So i’m starting my first blog on the first thing which existed before all mankind i.e nature.

Nowadays everyone remember nature when they see the word “nature” somewhere and not in any other way. But for me i remember my childhood when nature was part of my life in all aspects of life living, playing and growing. The days in which we played with dragon flies putting them in glass houses with plants, catching butter flies, digging the earthworms, listening to the birds, playing with leaves making police caps, belts and even gun holsters etc


I remember the monsoon days when our school commences and we had to walk through water logged lands where we played catching fishes. Those were the days when nature was still in harmony with us. We felt the nature and we enjoyed every bit of it knowingly or unknowingly that we were gonna miss everything and our future generations will only be learning about these things in their text books without even seeing them in real. But the question is “if they all existed like before, Will our children be interested in them over their virtual digital world?”The answer is “No”

We used to see this bird everyday in our childhood. But now rare to find

What has happened for the past 3-4 decades? Are we to be blamed for destroying their natural habitats? or Is it the evolution of humans from natural world to a digital world which made us unsparingly dominant over everything around us? As we disconnect more from nature, we are transforming more as machines which requires frequent maintenance and feeding through medicines, vitamin supplements, vaccines and immunity boosters.

I have experienced the magic of nature through my kids. When they were staying inside the flat clinging on to the electronic gadgets in their free time, they were more prone to diseases. But when we moved to the new apartment and they started playing in the sand in the ample land we have, the way they wanted, they never got sick for the past couple of years. This shows that our self-immunity increases as we connect more with nature due to  the adaptive memory of the sense organs . When we stay away from something, then our body become more prone to that, treating it as a foreign particle.

Kids enjoying the sand

Why we are so disconnected from nature? Is it us or the FMCG and Pharmaceutical conglomerates who sow the seed of fear in our minds to reap the benefits out? When we were kids, i had seen hardly two dental doctors at my hometown and never met them in my life. But now for my surprise, i can see one every 2- 3 kms of distance.

We used to brush our teeth with the traditional powder made from burned husk mixed with black pepper and crystal salt. May be it was the reason why we hardly needed any dental maintenance those days. Why we need this much maintenance for our body if it’s created maintenance free or self immune? We are failing as the greatest creation compared to the latest man made machines which comes maintenance free.

New inventions in technology has been a part of human life easing our works as we evolved. But why we need technology in our habits if we are created to live connected with nature? The manipulated fear in our minds infused by these corporate companies for using their products is the reason why we are prone to diseases. There is a connected fact to this. Every living things produce excess adrenaline when scared consciously or in subconscious state. Adrenaline flow if not controlled will have abrupt reactions in our body which will alter the equilibrium state of our body making it prone to diseases. You can connect this if you know more about the energy points or Chakras in our body as explained in Yoga or meditation.

I remember my Mom saying that the people at my hometown especially when the literacy level was less used to insist the doctor who was our neighbor and friend for injections for every sickness. They believed that only taking injections would cure their disease. So i really doubt now whether the injections cured them all or the self immune system which constantly works with our sense organs connected with subconscious mind believing the conscious scenario of a favorable cause like “injection” which made their bodies to recover.

Nature was created to be self-sustainable. I feel the rivers were like veins connected to the land which were further connected to the heart i.e the ocean and this whole setup was acting as a closed loop system which cleans and filters both water and the land. The rain was supposed to flush the waste and wash it and the dirty water penetrates to the ground get it it filtered perfectly before it reaches the ground water level. The excess water flows to the river and to the sea where again it gets filtered and all the organic matters if any will be eaten by the fishes. That’s why God has made the sea/ocean water as salty so that no humans will consume it. Just think how magnificent the “Nature” is.

Now how we destroyed the God’s creations and made it a hell for us and the future generations. First of all we made dams disturbing the flows of rivers similar to chocking the veins which was the beginning of all. Then we cut trees disturbing the complete Eco system then we made foreign material which was not degradable and piled upon earth polluting all the natural resources.

We humans forgot the fact that we are just tenants in this earth and we have to live and preserve everything as it is for the future generations. But instead we exploited all the resources on earth and dumped them all completely disturbing the eco system. Can we reverse it? No it may take more time than we spent on creating this mess. But we will repent the day when we choke on this mess and there is no turning back to bring everything back the way God had created for us.

Longing for that day when all of us will suffer and GOD will smile thinking about a new beginning….Zior

About Zior

I’m just a beginner in blogging. My writings or shares are the outcome of my findings which started with the frustration and disappointment of knowing the reality.

I just want to be a social cause of awareness to my fellow humans who knowingly or unknowingly are drifting away from the Truth, Fact and Reality of life.

My interests are

  • Nature
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Social causes etc.

You are all free to correct me or comment on what i share to be a part of the great cause.


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